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About Us
    HeesongGeotek Co., Ltd. Is known as one of major geophysical and engineering consulting company in Korea since 1996. In addition, HeesongGeotek is a certified distributor of geophysical software and equipment in Korea. Especially, for DIPRO for Windows and RADPRO for Windows, HeesongGeotek has a certification of worldwide distribution.
    We performs geophysical survey and provides geological interpretation based on geophysical data for

site investigation to construct highway or railroad tunnel

site investigation to construct large-scale underground structure
delineation of cavity or weak zone distribution
site investigation over water covered area to construct dam or bridge
exploration of groundwater or hot spring
obtaining the distribution map of contamination
    We supply equipments
Seismic source: Weight Drop
Centralizer of non-magnetic Televiewer logger
Borehole camera: K-CAMLOG45
Electromagnetic equipment developed by EMI: IMAGEM, ZHF
Seismometers developed by Kinemetrics and by Quanterra
Seismic equipment developed by DMT: Summit system
Borehole televiewer developed by DMT
    We supply software  
Electrical resistivity inversion and interpretation software: DIPRO for Windows
GPR/Borehole radar data processing and displaying software: RADPRO for Windows
Electrical resistivity tomography inversion and interpretation software: Tomo DC

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