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Price List (until 31st. March, 2007)
    Product Commercial Academic (40% DC)
    DIPRO V 4.0 USD 1700 (JPY 200,000) USD 1020 (JPY 120,000)
    RADPRO V 3.4
USD 1700 (JPY 200,000) USD 1020 (JPY 120,000)  
    TomoDC V 1.2 USD 1700 (JPY 200,000) USD 1020 (JPY 120,000)  


Geo-pros S/W divide Commercial and Academic(except government institutions).
For the second copy of the software purchased by the same customer, there is a 20% discount
for academic and a 20% discount for other customers from the full price.
Second copy for Commericial(include government Institutions) Geo-Pros product USD 1360 (JPY 160,000)
Delivery will be made by courier service (FedEx) at an additional cost of USD 60 (depending on location).
Please contact mail@geo-pros.com or hsgeotek@chol.com for more information. To purchse
the above software, please send your order by FAX (+82-2-579-5835 or E-mail) to Geo-Pros.com.
You will then be contacted by FAX or email with the payment instructions and delivery schedule.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide free repalcements for lost or stolen Lock which were in the
possesion of the end user. However, the end user can purchase a new software set with a large discount.
The older parallel-port-type dongles can also be replaced with the new USB-type dongles, with your payment of
upgrade and shipping cost of USD 100 (depending on location).

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