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DIPRO for Windows
    Application of geophysical results to designing bridge over a large fault
    Chung, H.-J., Kim, J.-H., Park, K.-P., Kwon, H.-S., Choi, H.-S., Kim, K.-S. and Kim, J.-S., 2001, Fourth Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, Seoul, Korea, p45-48.
(DIPRO-1.pdf, 1.37MB)
    Electrical Resistivity and EM Surveys for the Site Investigation of Tunnel Construction Over Rough Terrain Area
    Kwon, H.-S., Song, Y., Yi, M.-J., Chung, H.-J., Oh, S.-Y. and Kim, K.-S., 2002, SAGEEP, Las Vegas, Neveda, USA.
    DC Resistivity Survey to Image Faults Beneath a Riverbed  
    Kim, J.-H., Yi, M.-J., Song, Y., Cho, S.-J. and Chung S.-H., 2002, SAGEEP, Las Vegas, Neveda, USA.

Imaging the underground structure beneath river bottom by DC resistivity survey using streamer cable

    Kwon, H.-S., Kim J.-H., Ahn H.-Y., Yoon J.-S., Kim K.-S., Toshiro Uchida, 2004, SEGJ, Proceedings of the 7th SEGJ International Symposium
(Streamer.pdf, 606KB)
  RADPRO for Windows
    Case History: a Radar Survey at a Granite Quarry Mine to Delineate Fractures and to Estimate the Freshness of Rock
    Seol, S.-J., Kim, J.-H., Cho, S.-J. and Chung, S.-H., 2002, SAGEEP, Las Vegas, Neveda, USA.
    The borehole effect in imaging the Earth using resistivity tomography
    Yi, M.-J., Kim, J.-H, Chung, S.-H. and Cho, I.-K., 1997, EAGE 59th Conference, Europe
    Enhancing the resolving power of the Least squares Inversion with Active Constraint Balancing
    Yi, M.-J. and Kim, J.-H., 1998, 68th SEG Annual meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
(acb.pdf, 0.44MB)
    Application of Electrical Resistivity Tomography to Monitor Brine Movement
    Jung, Y., Ha, H., Lee, Y., Kim, J.-H. and Yi, M.-J., 2000, Geo Canada 2000, paper No. 64, May 29 - June 2, Calgery, Alberta, Canada.

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